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Being a Freshmen Is????????

Freshmen or High school life is exited and funny...
I'm happy because i meet many friends they help me
on my problems and they trust me. i have a BEST FRIEND.her name Is EILEEN MEI ILAGAN
best friend that can trust me and i trust her too.
she help me always shes always right here by my side.
if a have a problem she will come with me
and treat me.
shes always there by my side..
shes da one dat will come if i have a problem shes a true friend

. BUT me!
Me- Sometimes i made a mistake to her i lie..
I'm not going with her.
I'm very sorry to her because i don't do well my responsibilities
to be a best friend to her and sometimes I'm teasing her......

Best friend I'm Sorry For all of that
now i will be a good best friend to you
now i will go with you,and of course
i will not lie to you..

Promises are not made to be brokern

go to

ANd This Is miNe
go to

LeTTer 2 Some One I Hurt ... wahahahah

EilEEn SoRry for the thing that ive done
2 you past this day (march,09 2o09)
i Keep a Promise to myself
dat i dont say to you
im very sorry..
i wish dat
ur not


..No Wireless ConnEction.. No Way.. haha

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I Imagine!..If Theres no Wireless Connection ...Woah...
our COunTry And Us .... wiLl not Willing To
Use Computer because WIRELESS CONNECTION
Is heLping us to connEct To aLL iNtERnET AcEss ..

and This is Helping Us To Connect With onE another if one of our family member is on other country this can help us to Communicate With them ..Like Chatting ...


hOw caN I Do This.. wahahah...
And of course INTERNET help us to do our Projects,Assignment,and Many more..

and So Many Of people are so addicted with computer because they can browse.. many WBSITE
so Thats the end of my Blog....

And I Hope U lIke My ENGLISH (?iKAw ga nagawa?)..wahaha...
Tnx... []Thorn[]*♥o1♥*..Leave Commnet


This is the moments and memories..

When we go to subic..

This was our field trip..

And this feild trip was very exiting and happy..

Im very Happy in our Field Trip

This Field Trip is Memorable..

And We Are All Happy and want to do it again with each other again ....


iF wE Are All here in 2nd Year.. but!

I Pray that no one of us will be kick out...

Because We Will Miss our section and each other....

And All One Jasmine..
After you clear your eyes
You’ll see the lightSomewhere in the darkness
After the rain has gone
You’ll feel the sun come
And though it seems your sorrow never ends
Someday it’s gonna make sense
Tears you shed are all the same
When you laughed ’till you criedOr broken down in pain
All the hours you have spent in the pastWorrying about
A thing that didn’t last
..Thank You......sawyer.......